The weather really is gorgeous at the moment.

I have been taking mindful walks & trying to have photos taken of me in yoga poses.

Am advertising for 1:1 clients but think need to start a group class so am going to start in a local park.

mindful yoga, meditations, mindful practice, chakras & chants outside in the day & evening to unwind from work.

Raise vibration & be in the moment outside in eco therapy.

We need to be connected to nature & can notice the beauty & abundance of it all.

Raise vibration & be in the moment.

Be grateful for all you do have

Gratitude & more will come your way.








Yesterday I had an amazing walk in sunny, green, blossoming SE London.

Really was magical. I was aware of the bright colours, the varying colours.

However, things did not go quite to plan as usual but eventually things came together.

However, I walked so much & it got very cold suddenly.

Very positive though, had a quick jog, did a shorter amount of yoga than planned as too late, did not manage to have any filmed but did have mindful moments, feeling the sun on my face, looking at beautiful  plants & the new Spring shoots.

The sunshine makes such a difference. Shame got home to mounds of washing but getting out into greenery & nature was positive. We need to be connected to the earth.

City living can mean you are not. I remember working as an area manager & travelling all around & hardly seeing a tree. I know my soul suffered from this.

So beautiful being near a leafy part of London. Very important for adults & kids to be in nature.

As human beings we need to be in nature & connected to the earth.

Ideally with feet in ground.

I then watched a few Eckhart Tolle videos & 1 with Oprah, where he joked & very amusing but I did learn about being with & observing or awareness more.

They also discussed gratitude even for challenges & sickness as can grow in these moments & also can choose to be happy or unhappy.

If seeing only negatives, try to look at positives.

A practice I need to reinstall is 3 things grateful for in the day.

My challenge is parenting, housework & washing possibly in that order.

Am working on mindful chores & definitely need to work on mindful parenting.

Being alone & mindful I find relatively easy but having to deal with others is hard.

The walk outside definitely helped heighten my awareness.

I also love mantras & chants.

if you would like to work with me  via Skype or phone for breath work, mindfulyoga, meditations, chakras, chants, present moment awareness, manifesting, gratitude & intentions please get in touch.

Can offer in English & French

chant Om, Om, Om



Nathalie Mylan





In my last blog wrote re: loving kindness & here will develop more & other practices to promote self care.

  1. Loving kindness or Metta promotes self kindness & attention then send out to others with may I be happy, wealthy, healthy & at ease.

May I have the strength, courage & determination to overcome, challenges.

It is a very beneficial practice as all are proven by science & centuries of use.

Chanting & singing does wonders as well and I use these a lot.

2.Moving to state I am & I have

More recent works by Dr Wayne Dwyer and others talk of I am that, I am.

Changing the script to I am happy, wealthy & at ease etc.

Try stating I am or I have, so in the present moment & as if.

3. Gratitude- Being thankful for all that you do have, whatever it is & even the challenges!

I know this can be hard & life throws up curved balls but like exercising or learning any skill comes with practice.

If you wish to attract more, be grateful, start a journal or mental note.

4. Start day positively if possible – not listening to negative news & then finish off day with positivity, perhaps 3 things to be grateful for.

We can get into negative patterns but also do what lights you up and brings joy, whatever that may be:

5. Finding time to enjoy life- a walk, swim, jog, yoga, kids, cooking, singing, speaking a language, sleep whatever you enjoy.

Movement & breath work will help aches & pains as well & develop chi, prana or energy flow.

6. Watch drinking alcohol & smoking as stress relief. Not self care.

Do you wish to spend money that way and put so many toxins in your body? Copd, cancer, these are all horrible diseases. Watch the Michael Mann film from 90’s The Insider. I stopped smoking after that.

Try saving the £5 from a bottle of wine & or  cigs ( not sure how much) for a holiday, day trip etc.

Learn breathing techniques instead to help manage stress.

Try longer exhale to inhbale.

7. We are not taught breathing but so important for health & well being and as I learnt on The Minded InTitute yoga therapy for the mind course.

8.  Eat regularly & healthily

I am moving to a rawer, plant based diet as more and more people are.

Also looking to grow more fruit & veg.

Compassion for animals. I wouldn’t kill an animal to eat it so will not eat it.

9. Ensure  you are getting enough good quality sleep.

Through self care can function better & through stilling the mind & listening to voice inside can see what is next step.

10. We all have guardian angels, Angels watching over us.Remember the Abba song, I believe in Angels? Doreen Virtue does alot about this. If you take time,  you may notice numerology 11,22 etc.

I am posting meditations  with breathing exercises, chants to  to You tube & Twitter @ Nathalie Mylan @mylanmindyoga

Yoga sessions Audible yoga 8793.

Donations appreciated via PayPal if you find beneficial.

I offer Skype, phone & some in person sessions.

Sliding scale on offer.

Invest in yourself & your well being. This is the most important thing in the long term.




There are many extreme events that take place in the world on individual levels & greater levels as attacks take place in Europe & across Globe.

Fear is what the media promotes and to raise our vibration be careful what you listen to or focus on.

Law of attraction, thoughts manifest so hold positive, abundant thoughts.

Gratitude also a great practice to cultivate, as more grateful for the more appears. e.g I got a free pizza the other day.

Abundance comes in many forms.

Also, I met Aurora, Norwegian singer, who is a warrior of light & has beautiful music, which inspires me.

However, does not mean being a doormat & authenticity does mean standing up for your rights.

I watch Ralph Smart on You Tube, Teal Swan spiritual catalyst.

I have been recording some meditations but issues with sound & editing  that I need to resolve, so I will write 1 out here:

Guided Meditation to connect to Mother Earth, Loving Kindness or Metta with heart chakra & Om.

Ensure you will not be disturbed for 15 mins at least & treat this as time for yourself to connect to your intuition, your inner guidance.

Also sending loving kindness to yourself & around globe. I have been doing this a lot.

It comes from Buddhist tradition but equally used in science & mindfulness tradition.

The time is 11:11 which is a sign of a spiritual portal, make a wish & on right track, possibly angels as well. Once we are aware we take time to notice things.

I invite you to take a comfortable seated or lying down position.

Settle yourself, have a blanket if necessary as your body temperature will decrease.

  1. I invite you to connect to the breathe & watch belly, rising & falling.
  2. On each exhale feel yourself release onto the mat or seat.
  3. Relax your jaw, relax your brow, your neck. Inhale bring Shoulders up to head & release.
  4. Go through diff parts of body & release. Inhale, hold for 2 breaths & release e.g stomach & thighs, legs.
  5. Inhale tense whole body & release.
  6. Imagine a light from centre of universe coming up into your body to naval. Then imagine a light from the sky coming down.
  7. Move your attention to the heart chakra ( energy portal ) imagine green light coming from it, tinged with pink. See this light emanating from heart.
  8. Let us begin loving kindness meditation. Give to yourself, send out & receive.

1) May I be happy, healthy & wealthy

may I be healthy & at ease

may I have the strength & courage to overcome problems in life.

2) May neighbours be happy, healthy etc

3) May your town be happy, healthy etc

4) May the country be happy healthy etc

5) May the continent & world be happy & healthy

9. Take a few moments to breathe in & out notice the inhale & exhale.

10. Rotate ankles, wrists & bring knee into chest slowly rocking from side to side.

Twist from side to side in chair.

11. Rub hands together & bring over eyes. Massage neck & face if need be.

12. Inhale chant OM.

Thank you for reading & hope found beneficial.

It takes a lot of time & organising to post this info, tweet & prepare meditations etc.

Donations are gratefully received to support myself, my tween & rescue cat in expensive city.

I would also like to donate to a number of charities who have supported me & many others.

Also other meditators/artists etc on Patreon.

Not worked out donate button yet!

PayPal via

Am available for 1:1 sessions via Skype.

Also looking for collaborators to do podcasts & webinars with.

Let us shine light on the dark

Let us raise the vibration from fear

Take care & blessings

Nathalie Mylan




Hi All, Namaste ! ( I see the spirit in you)

A lot has been happening in the world with Paris attacks,knife crime here in London affecting youth & too close to home, threats of terror attacks as well as bills to pay responsibilities & pressure from all around.

I really wish people would learn how to manage emotions & feelings as well as how to relate including knowing the law & crimes.
Research has shown yoga & mindfulness def helps to be calmer & more compassionate. It has definitely helped me as well as being sober.

Breathing, affirmations, this all helps.

It is important to make time for self care & giving yourself space & time away from stress.

Also to develop gratitude even for little things:

1) A sunny moment
2) Water, food
3) A roof over head
4) Some income
5) local shop

I upgraded my phone & have been recording yoga & mindfulness sessions on podcast.

I am British & part French/Vietnamese and also European or even a world person. I am multilingual.

Since my concussions & PTSD I am sensitive to noise, infringements of rights & all these horrors. Unfortunately there are some nasty people around..

I have been preparing teaching for Audible yoga as return to teach slowly & am teacher no 8793.
(Please note as this will ensure I get the royalty or commission which I need:))

The mindful yoga practice will help in many ways:

1) Breathing/pranayama to release stress
2) yoga poses & practice to rebalance the nervous system
3) chanting for wellbeing
4) Mindfulness or meditation

I have had to learn how to download apps & record including different systems etc. wow quite a learning curve.
Generally I find easier than being out in the world which is hard now since head injuries.

The final thing is how to convert over & send via Dropbox, Google drive etc.

Also looking into insurance as no Uk company will cover USA & Canada due to high legal claims. Fine for the rest of the world. Am seeing with Yoga Alliance USA.

Apart from me Nathalie Mylan with mylanmindfulyoga also on twitter@mylanmindyoga with pranayama, breathe, short yoga practice,then relax there are lots of other practices etc..

Instagram NathalieMylan

Still working out how to use it all!

Audible yoga have a look you can try some for free.
Yoga Therapy For The Mind training & knowledge of my studies for more neuroscience as well.

John Assarafs Brainathon very interesting & inspired me a lot.

I also want to promote Yoga Woman which is a great film, which I had & was at the Brixton Ritzy Launch a few years ago.

It looks at well-known Yoga Women making a difference around the globe.

Also inspiring.

I did have it but lent to someone & never got it back.

I hope it is being used well:)

Also The Suffragetes film is out now. Not quite re same but about Women’s rights & the struggle here in UK. They are some of my heroines & what inspire me. What would they do?
Also Ghandi & Wonder Woman.

Who has inspired you & who are your role models?

Take care yourselves

Enjoy the moments

After rain comes shine

Take care

Nathalie Mylan
Mylan Mindful Yoga
Audible teacher no 8793

Insta Nathalie Mylan
Soon on video I hope!